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Sonic Indie contains a playlist player. Users may listen to the default provided songs or choose from a list of playlists made by others. Users may also create and share their own play lists  The Playlist Player can popup so that users may listen to playlists as they browse the site. To use popup... Read More...
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Before you can make an Album and upload songs you must create an Artist/Band. Add pictures and information about the Artist/Band fans want to read about Artists/ Bands they like. Remember Sonic Indie is for independent artists... not major record labels. Create Artist Go to My Sonic Indiel on the... Read More...
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You must create an Album before you can add songs. Go to My Sonic Indie on the main menu and select "Add New Album" Fill in the provided form. Be sure to choose an artist. Add songs ( you will be able to edit your album later and add more songs..edit songs.. delete songs..) Click "save Album" at... Read More...
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Sonic Indie Allows you to crowd fund your Music or receive simple Donations. At the moment we only except payments via PayPal but other payment solutions will be available in the future. We do not accept Alternative payment details but this will be implemented in the future as well. To set up... Read More...
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Read the FAQ on Artists and Albums.To add a song you must first create an Artist/Band. You must Create an Album.   You may add songs to an Album you have already made by browsing to your album and clicking the edit icon. (upper right) You may add songs ... edit songs... delete songs Song size is... Read More...
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Groups at Sonic Indie are based on genre. If your interest is Rock .. you will want to join that group.. Users can join groups based on musical taste. We do encourage everyone to explore musics beyond their normal listening. Users can join as many groups as they wish.. While users can not create... Read More...

Music Talk is Sonic Indies forum   Users can post questions ,helpful info or content Users are rewarded for posts and replies. Posts and comment should conform to the terms of service. (your mom may read it) If you have questions ..comments..or requests for Sonic Indie you may post them in the... Read More...

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give use money to make the world greatest recording.... 

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