thE 4tH x maS (bY ThE HeelerS & jamiE zoN)'s Video

Uploaded By: jamiE zoN richardsoN . Category: Video Release . Added on: 11 January 2015.
In this Video:
presentinG, "thE 4tH x-maS", by ThE HeelerS & jamiE zoN (formerly known as zombiE transformatioN)... (LyricS BeloW),...thE storY oF A oncE committeD anD noW reclusE, abouT tO spenD thE fourtH ChristmaS witH twO DogS anD nO peopLE. HappY HolidayS, anD pleasE EnjoY!!!

Pulled out of our ass, created, recorded, mixed, fixed, tweaked and uploaded between October 17, 2014 to December 14, 2014.
"if i hadn't sat here alone in this room for a couple of years, i couldn't have come up wit this shit!" ~ zoN richardoN.
Mixed with a 2007 iMac, 2010 Logic Application, 2013 Skull Candy ear Buds. Recorded through a 1998 Tascam 4-Track mixer to the iMac. All vocals and live recordings of various sounds captured through a 1998 Audio-Technica ST90 Microphone. Instruments used; 2007 Schrecter Bass, 1991 Gibson Epiphone Electric Guitar, 1999 Casio Keyboard.
For best results, listen with an ipod and Skull Candy ear buds.

ThE HeelerS & jamiE zoN arE:

BooN - EngineeR
Beanz - ManageR
jamiE - VocalS anD mixinG
zoN - instrumentS and mixinG